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Working Toward A Solution That Helps You Move Forward

Whether it was made by you, your spouse or together, the choice to divorce is rarely made overnight. A lot of important decisions need to be made that your family will have to live with after the divorce is finalized. It is vital that you have an experienced attorney who you can trust to carefully guide you through the process.

Worried about property division, child custody, child support or alimony? Gary H. Lomanno is intimately familiar with New Jersey family laws. He will help you navigate the law and understand the benefits and consequences of every option.

At the Law Office of Gary H. Lomanno, the approach is always the same: work toward a divorce settlement that accomplishes your goals. Attorney Gary Lomanno can guarantee that he will provide honest advice and act as a steward of your best interests. His law office is in Camden County, but he can represent clients throughout South Jersey.

There Are Real Benefits To Drafting An Out-Of-Court Agreement

Litigation may be appropriate or necessary under certain circumstances, and New Jersey law provides guidelines for family court judges to follow. The truth, however, is that they have a lot of discretion and not always a lot of patience. Negotiating or mediating a divorce settlement can be extremely beneficial for a lot of couples.

What are some of the benefits?

  • Financial savings: Monetary concerns are an underlying cause of many divorces. From attorney fees for trial preparation and motions to paying for expert testimony, litigation can be expensive. The money has to come from somewhere. Cooperation can help protect assets that are already subject to division.
  • Time savings: The stress of a prolonged divorce can impact you emotionally and mentally. Mediation and negotiation can help reduce the time required to finalize your divorce.
  • Satisfaction and ownership over the outcome: Spouses in any divorce are going to have to make concessions. Do you want control over which ones you make or do you want the judge to decide that for you? Control over decisions often leads to agreements that are tailored to your family's needs and easier to implement in the future.

Considering Divorce? Already Made The Decision? Discuss Your Options.

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